18 January 2006

They like me! They really like me!

Too bad their my fifth choice. But I can't tell them that just yet, since I haven't heard from anybody else.

Stetson Law today sent me a letter (and left a message on my cell phone) telling me that they have selected me to receive a full-merit scholarship. Yaay! No need to pay tuition there! As long as I maintain standing in the top third of the class. Man, competition sucks. Oh well, that's going to be the way of things with any scholarship, so I guess I have to deal with that.

Still, I'd like to get a similar letter from one of my more preferred schools. I guess that'll just have to wait. Stetson wants a response by April 3. This should be interesting.

On a second note, my wireless connection has been misbehaving lately and posts will be intermittent at best until I figure out what's been going wrong.


Ayzair said...

Hooray! Calls for a nice bottle of wine -- you can have one, too :)

SMITTY said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! Between the scholarship and the GI Bill you have your dream job! A bunch of reading and no worries about money!


Rachel* said...

Dude, you better take down that post about them being your last choice.

I was very specifically told that one of the reasons they felt justified in giving me such a hard time was because I admitted my disdain for them online.

Tread wisely, buddy.