25 June 2010

A thought

I want to have a blog. But I clearly have not been blogging (despite having one). I don't know why that is, or whether it matters. It's not that I want to be "a blogger," which I don't think carries any special cachet. It's more a case of, I want some place to dump comments about life, and maybe provide a public forum to motivate myself. If I say I want to do X, and I'm going to write about it on the blog by Y date, then I have that hanging over me. I can't let myself be embarrassed, right?

Then again, maybe motivation should be more readily available within than that. But if it isn't there's no sense throwing away an opportunity.

But I've also started writing again on two fiction projects, and I spend little enough time on that already. Part of my problem with blogging is that I spend so much time on a typical post it eats up time I could use more productively on other writing projects. This is all worth pondering. Fortunately I have a wonderful vacation with Smittywife coming up (starts tomorrow!), during which I can ponder all I like. And there will be pictures to post when I get back, so I can do that, and then see where it goes.