04 September 2009


Changes are afoot in Smitty-blog-land. I'm going to ditch the Library blog, which was in retrospect not a very good move in the first place. Since all the reviews that were here are there I'll have to port most of those back.
I have a huge list of books I've read recently that need reviews, but they'll just be capsule reviews for now; I may go back and write longer reviews if I want.
I have a job offer that, more than likely, is the best job offer I'm ever going to get. Many questions remain to be answered, but I have a meeting next Tuesday that will answer the lot of them.

What I don't have right now is a workable computer, which is a problem; I'm using Smittywife's old monitor with my old laptop as my keyboard and hard drive. Soon I will switch to using Smittywife's old desktop, but that may still be a week away or more.

The remains as ever a ton of work to do at our house, but things are looking up. I intend to start blogging regularly again, because I no longer feel so depressed about my shitty job--which soon enough won't be my shitty job anyway. I have lots of training to do, and will probably need a loan or grant to do it, but I'm happy to do it. I have Smittywife's health insurance I can use to go to the dermatologist and even the dentist (yaay! Never thought I'd say that). We have a fully livable house that is still a bit too cluttered but we're getting better about that. I don't want to say everything is peachy keen, but the horizon is brighter and brighter. The only thing left for me now is to get back to writing--and this blog is going to be the first stop. I'm not going to blog on Facebook any more, it just doesn't work.

So, what should you expect? Well, certainly some posts about flying, I think that's going to become a significant part of this blog. And book reviews, and notes about writing as I get back to that. I hope to post lots of pictures of the yard as it develops, and news of an agricultural sort. And of course I can't lay off the politics. But I think that I may reserve my political postings for longer, more thoughtful pieces, rather than quick hits. There are plenty of quick hits out there.

So. I'm not promising daily posts yet. We'll get there, but I'm not promising it yet. What might be nice would be if I could convince Smittywife to combine her blog with mine, so we could both post here... hmm...