19 October 2009

Dutch Bank Bankrupt As Sale Fails

Who exactly is writing headlines for the BBC these days? Though the article itself is given a different head, links to it from elsewhere on the BBC have the amusing tongue-twister above. Is this deliberate or are they just not paying their algorithms enough?

16 October 2009

Not What It Was Intended To Do

I saw one of those faux-inspirational posters on line today, on Facebook (one of my very very Republican friends), a picture of George W. Bush waving as he steps out of Marine One, with the caption, "Miss me yet?"

And I thought, oh my goodness no! Wow. Nothing like a little perspective. I'm not exactly thrilled with the direction of government right now--I knew I wouldn't be at this point, but that would've been true with McCain in office too--but there is absolutely no way I would ever willingly go back to the Bush regime. Oh my.