22 January 2006


This plane looks like it would have been a blast to fly.

But it's not mine to fly. I'm not allowed.

I'm no longer going to Iraq. The tasking we got was clearly messed up and AMC is trying to fix the matter. This plane is supposed to be flown by fighter pilots. Because, you know, it's smallish, or something. It looks fun and fighter guys always take the fun jets. Frankly, it looks like it would take off in a stiff breeze and could be shot down by a child with a rock. But still, if there was a way I could go and do it, I'd jump up and a down and say, "me me me me me, ooooh, pick me!!!" But there's no way I can go.

Few if any of my readers will understand how, or indeed why, this is so disappointing to me, or how much I was looking forward to going to Iraq, even when I thought it was just as a staff flunky. Flying this plane (indeed, instructing Iraqis on how to fly this plane, which is the job) would be way cooler than being staff, but even being staff in Basra would be way cooler than doing the same damn thing for four more months. But that's what I get to do, is the same damn thing for four more months.

Oh well.


Lucky Bob said...

Oh man that sucks. I know you were looking forward to that. I know some people are probably glad you aren't going, but you deserved the chance if you wanted it. Well I guess that mean's your stuck stateside for a while. Got any leave or vacation time you need to burn. We can probably think of some things. Ty was asking if I was coming to Atlanta for Super Bowl.

ams said...

I really am sorry. Wish there was something I could do.