26 January 2006


Have you seen this Toyota Camry commercial where the store manager announces a Camry parked in a tow-away zone, and everybody in the store leaves because it might be their car?

That commercial doesn't make me want to buy a Camry. In fact, it makes me want to flee from Camrys. I'd never want to own a car that everybody else owned, and I can't imagine why its universal popularity is any reason why I'd want to own it.

Am I the only person like that? I mean, I guess the idea of universal popularity is a selling point for most people. For me... I guess I just assume that most people wouldn't like what I'd like, and that I wouldn't like what they like. Hmm.


Lucky Bob said...

You? No. Really? No way! There is no way that can be describing you. {/sarcasm}
I don't think I care so much what brand of something lots of other people have, but I do feel pressured to get the same type of thing. I try to go after the one that gives me what I want, regardless of popularity.

Anonymous said...

was there ever another version of this commercial? i am in the middle of a debate with my husband about this. unless i'm imagining things, i could have sworn there was a version of this commercial where the announcement says something like,'the headlights are on.' and right after seeing it, i turned to my husband and said,'that's weird because toyotas headlights turn off when you turn the car off and open the door.' (i have an old corolla) but he thinks i was hearing things. i can't find anything online about this. thoughts? comments?