01 September 2007

Text of a letter I sent to the John Edwards campaign

I'd like to point out, before I reprint the letter I sent, that in addition to Edwards (who was my candidate before today), every other Democratic candidate save Clinton, Kucinich, and Gravel, has announced he won't be contesting Florida or Michigan. So, we don't matter. Whether we move the date back to February 5 or not, we won't matter. What a fucking waste of time. I can't believe I used to actually donate money to campaigns.
Anyway, forthwith:

So sorry to hear that John has decided the votes and problems of people in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina are so much more important than those of people in Michigan and Florida (and perhaps other states as well).
Why should we the voters suffer because our state party leadership and our famously unresponsive legislature decided to defy the trend toward cherry-picking states that get to "go first" and sending nearly everyone else into a Super-Tuesday format that will only benefit the most monied candidates (hmm, more states on Super Tuesday = more votes for candidates with big budgets and no ideas. Clinton/Obama in '08 it is then)? What is John trying to preserve by signing the anti-Florida pledge? His lead in Iowa?

Politics is an ugly business. For most of this year John and Elizabeth have shone a rather pleasing ray of light onto the land by staying above the lowest common denominator. I suppose even that was only temporary.

Since my vote is no longer of any value to John, and according to David Bonior the issues don't matter to me or my fellow citizens as much as they do in Iowa or New Hampshire (and he hasn't been fired yet? Even if John is the nominee, does he think he'll stand a chance in Florida with that comment hanging around his neck?), does the campaign have any suggestions as to what I should do instead of supporting John Edwards? Should I go with Mike Gravel, or is Giuliani my only recourse?

You got it wrong here, guys. The primary system may be broken, but disenfranchising millions more people than live in all four "official" early states combined is an utterly inappropriate and closed-minded response. Best of luck, but just remember there's at least one former donor in Florida who won't be voting Edwards on any ballot in 2008.

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