19 September 2007


It is an age-old dilemma. What do you do when the number of hot dogs and hot dog buns in your house doesn't match up?
Usually there are too many hot dogs. But if you buy the good kind of hot dogs, they mostly come in packs of eight nowadays, as buns have always done. Cheap hot dogs still come in packs of ten, forcing you to either buy forty each of buns and dogs to get an even number, or eat two dogs straight out of the freezer (don't you dare claim you didn't do that when you were a kid, I know you did).

Recently we purchased hot dog buns and Johnsonville turkey sausages with cheese (mmm, sausages with cheese....). There were six. We had two extra hot dog buns. And some cheese, tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, and leftover beef roast, and a toaster oven. So:

Voila! I used a small plate so they look like regular hoagie rolls, but they're just hot dog buns. I had to hold them together with toothpicks. Mmmmm, lunch.

Did you know that "baby portabella mushrooms" they sell in the store are in fact exactly the same as "button mushrooms" or "white mushrooms?" It's true. All three--the portabella, the "baby portabella," the standard white button, and the "crimini" are all the same species, Agaricus bisporus. The difference is a matter of hours: a baby bisporus is a button mushroom. Give it about a day and you get a regular white mushroom. Give it 12 hours or so and you get a "baby portabella." Another 48-72 hours later and it's a portabella. Why are they all priced differently? Ah, that would be the scam, wouldn't it?

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scanime said...

Now that is an interesting mushroom fact that I was not aware of. And when I thought I was mixing portabello and crimini mushrooms I was making some fancy mushroom concoction. And here it turns out they were the same thing all along.

I think I careful taste test is in order to determine if they taste any different.