25 September 2007


The Smitty family was temporarily one bigger this weekend. Smittygirl was out walking the dog on Sunday when a baby squirrel popped his head out from underneath a nearby car in the parking garage. We don't see many squirrels around here, just occasionally (although there are a lot of trees in the parking lot). And to see one this tiny? We figured she must be orphaned.

Given how tiny the squirrel saw was, we assumed mama had been squished and the baby here was hiding out in the garage unsure what to do. Sure enough, Smittygirl reported having seen a dead squirrel in the parking lot earlier in the week. The baby looked old enough to survive, but we were concerned that if she was hiding under cars she'd end up getting squished like her mama.

Naturally we had to go rescue the baby. Turns out, there were two of them, but although we had both of them very briefly, one escaped and ran up a palm tree. They're very young so we don't know how well the one who escaped is going to do. In any event, we brought this one in, and Smittygirl made her a little home out of an old faucet box and some flexible door screen. We gave her two dish towels and a water dish, and fed her organic granola and walnuts. She liked the walnuts.

So this is Smittysquirrel. She's cute, isn't she? But you can't keep a squirrel forever, so Smittygirl called up a wildlife rescue place, and I took her up there this morning. Jackson was exceedingly excited about the squirrel the whole time; I think he's experiencing some withdrawal as he seems a bit depressed right now. Poor guy.


Lucky Bob said...

One more nutty animal in the house. Must resist urge to make more jokes about nuts and letting your squirrel out of it's cage.

Lucky Bob said...

Can't resist.

Donald Trump's toupee had a baby.

Like two people will get that one.