11 September 2007

...Still During...

Well, we're still not living in the condo; the Smitty family has temporarily moved domicile to Smittygirl's apartment. We'll be moving back in this week or perhaps as late as this weekend; depends how it all goes.

I have many pictures! It's very exciting. But I need to button the place up for the afternoon and go home and walk Action Jackson and start dinner. We'll come back this evening, and tomorrow I promise I will have a post with numerous photos! In fact I will probably be writing said post tonight, though it will have to wait til tomorrow morning to appear here.

Suffice to say... let me see, when last I posted I discussed Thursday's tile installation. Friday there was more tile, and so forth and so on... so I have a few posts to write. But as it stands, we have:

- Fully functioning plumbing

- Fully functioning electricity and appliances

- A nice new tile floor, 2/3 of which is clean enough to walk on in bare feet

- Nice new cabinets, a few of which even have things in them

- A new-to-us baker's rack (thank you craigslist) to replace our crappy old wire shelves
- A gigantic mess in the rest of the house

It's my job to correct the last part of that over the next couple of days. Should be a good time.

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