03 September 2007

Ode to the Stove Hood

O stove hood,
Your designer should be shot.
Hex cap screws
Ought to be accessible;
Yours are not.


Rambling Speech said...

"I'm one screw away from FREEDOM!"

ah, college memories. Good luck with unscrewing of the hex screws. Nice of your creative side to react to a stressful situation!

Ayzair said...

Ack, what was that?!?! I can hear someone saying it, I just don't know who!

Smitty said...

It was Rambling!!! She was taking apart the bed rail to... fit the chair in there? Wasn't that it?

Rambling Speech said...

It was while unscrewing the top flap on the desk-- so I could fit my computer on the desk under the shelf. The thing had like 40 screws and I was not a very handy person at that time so it took about an hour for me to do.

I miss the quote wall.

We started one at work. I got a consult from a doctor "concerned about patient because of new storks." The funny thing was, the same doctor paged a physical therapist regarding the "patient with arm weakness and storks" as well. It wasn't a typo. What a great picture-- large white birds attacking brains and causing weakness.