06 September 2007

Lawd Awmighty I wish I was a plumber

I mean, over $100/hour? Who wouldn't want to be a plumber?

There will be pictures soon, but as the previous posted hinted, there is much home improvement going on in Smitty's World this week.
Our list of things was actually quite short:
1. New cabinets
2. New floors

I only wish I had known what that short list would imply when it actually came time for the work to start. Not that any one thing has been too terribly difficult, except for the stove hood, and that wasn't difficult it was just annoying. Incredibly annoying. Dive-bomb-the-factory annoying.

But of course small stuff always crops up and surprises you, like hidden hex-cap screws that even most socket sets wouldn't be able to get to. And the fact that the valve to turn water off to the toilet in the guest bath doesn't work fully, so removing that toilet became a big issue and we had to figure out how to turn water off to the whole unit. Turns out you can't, easily.

But it has been fun. Or... no, it's been interesting; I've had to do a bit of everything home-handyman-wise. It's hard work, and my hands hurt most of the time. Beats working at the Foodway, though.

Anyhow. There will be some pictures coming and descriptions of the vast quantities of fun to be had each day of this project.

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Tina said...

Prolly a little late to mention this, I'm a bit behind on your blog, but - my hubby is a licensed handyman specializing in bathrooms and kitchens. If ya need help - holler!