21 February 2006

So Much Waste, So Little Time

Normally I put on reruns during dinner, but don't otherwise watch too much TV. But this is my TV time--the Olympics are on, they're not showing figure skating right now, and American Idol is on with the people who can actually sing somewhat. Most of them. My remote is getting more use tonight than in the last week and a half.

Tonight, the women sing on American Idol. So far I've seen six of the twelve, and I want to admit right now that I really prefer black women's voices to white women's. Sorry if that's offensive to anyone (but if it is you're too sensitive so shut up), but among the first six, Paris Bennett and Mandisa were head and shoulders above the others. This Stevie girl, the opera singer... I just don't... I don't care for her style. And I like opera. Really, I do. I mean, some opera. I'm not always a fan of Wagner, but who is? Anyway. And Randy said he got bored during her performance, and I think that's the problem (and Simon said much worse). Compare that against Paris Bennett, who had the crowd (mostly the other contestants) out of their seats, clapping and dancing, and Paula gave her a standing ovation. And Simon said of her performance, "That was great." High praise from the mean judge.

Meanwhile on NBC we have women's bobsledding. It's ladies' night, I guess. I don't care, as I said earlier, bobsled has always been one of my favorite events; you can't beat raw speed. Especially raw speed that doesn't burn any gasoline. It's a great night to sit home and watch TV. I feel like... I like an average American, really, sitting in front of the TV all night. But I rowed today, and did laundry, so I haven't totally sold out. Yet.

This week starts the horrible exercise at work. It won't require any horrible early hours or 14-hour days (we hope), but it will require an enormous amount of tedium and irritation, and they're going to come to my office and ask me a bunch of questions and waste my freakin' time. I hate exercises.

Still, I can practice being a good boss. I assume inspectors are coming to our office; they are going to visit one UDM office in the ops group. There are only four UDM offices in the group: ours (we're the good office), the OSS (Eric, the other good office), the OG (Marrero, who's brand new and doesn't know his job), and the 310th (who don't have a freaking clue). Much as I hate getting inspected, I hope they inspect us. I can see them going to the OG, but that would be bad because it will make the whole group look bad. If they inspect the 310th we're just plain doomed.

And if they come and inspect our office, I think they'll be suitably impressed with our folder system, and our emergency management program, and I can tell them how my troop built that emergency management program from the ground up and set the standard for the wing. My dream is that, at the outbrief next week, they'll call Rick up on the stage and give him an IG coin for being an outstanding performer. The dude needs some recognition; the wing/cc wanted to give him an award but wouldn't call him up on stage at the last commander's call because he's fat. Who cares if he's fat, he's one of the hardest working airmen in the wing. She was supposed to come in to our office and present him with an award... but I'll note that has not yet happened. I hate to say it but I think less of our wing king than I used to. But that's the military for you--no matter how hard you work, if you don't look right you don't get shit.

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