08 February 2006

I Went Home Again

They say you can't do that, but I thought I'd try anyway. So I'm back here in Valdosta. It hurts. I keep watching those little T-6's flying overhead and thinking, man, I wish I could do that again.

It hurts, too, because some paperwork snafu seems to be standing in the way of my getting a sandbag ride in a T-38 (turns out there just aren't many such rides available in the T-6). I've got one of my bosses talking to a boss out here to try to smooth things over, but one never knows exactly what may happen. So I may spend my time chauffering and... and responding to emails from work. Ugh. That's the problem with being able to connect to the email system on the road; now that we can do it, everyone expects us to. It's like I haven't left at all! How neat! Ahem.

But the guys I brought up here are getting T-38 rides, so that's a good thing. Two of them went earlier this morning, two more are in briefings right now, and I'm driving another guy over to the squadron here in a few minutes for his ride. The boss at the T-38 squadron (the 49th, not the 435th; the 435th hasn't been quite as accomodating) says he wants all the guys to get at least two flights while they're here, so that's good news. And while some of my friends haven't been around to say hello to, it's nice to be back in the big V all the same. I really do like this town.

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