06 February 2006


In several ways, no less.

Today I went for my FAA flight physical so I could start flying again. But that's going to require a doctor's statement that I no longer need to take Wellbutrin. So... not that getting the letter is hard. It just means I didn't get the certification today and I can't start flying on Saturday. So, next week then.

And today I got my acceptance letter from Virginia! Yaay! Okay, so, it's not a surprise or anything any more, but it's totally cool anyway. I'm going to have more Sangiovese.

Tomorrow I get to go on a little trip up to Valdosta, Georgia. I did the first half of my pilot training there, at Moody AFB, and I'm taking a group of second lieutenants up there for a few days to get free incentive rides in the T-38 and take a look at the base and the town (they'll all be starting their pilot training at Moody in the next few months).

I'm really looking forward to this trip, even though I learned today that I won't be able to get a T-6 ride, which is what I really wanted. I can do a T-38 ride--and I intend to--but my squadron Director of Ops did not tell the guys at Moody to reserve a ride for the "escort." (Which is me; not sure if I like that term, but, not sure what else to do.) I can't believe he sold me out like that! I was going to chastise him today, but he was never in his office long enough to say anything. Still, I will get a T-38 ride because one of the seven guys who was scheduled to go on this trip backed out, so I can have his spot.

I'll also get to see some of my friends who are still living up in Valdosta, so that'll be nice. And I'll even be able to post here while I'm gone. I'll tell you all about the T-38 ride.

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