09 February 2006

Buy Danish Again!

I noted in my Danish post a few days ago that, "Now, I recognize that in Islam depictions of people are verboten, depictions of the Prophet doubly so. Islamic art has 1300 years of very fascinating history with nary a depiction of a human face, testament to the extremes of creativity the human mind is capable of."

Well, turns out I was wrong. Depictions of people are not verboten, not according to Qur'anic law, at any rate. Today I happened upon this fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal's opinion page (free, no registration required), discussing images of Muhammad in Islamic art. This is well, well worth your time to read; it's a nice short article, only 11 paragraphs, and sheds some light on this continuing story. And I must say, it only strengthens my resolve to buy more Legos and Tuborg beer.

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