03 February 2010

Seedling Update

There are eggplants! Yaay!
We planted Fairy Tale eggplants this year, which are supposed to have very pretty flowers and good looking eggplants, so I'm looking forward to them.
We now have eight or ten sweet pepper plants with actual leaves on them; all but one of the remaining pots has a sprout in it but most of them haven't escaped their seed yet. The wallflowers and cilantro are doing nicely.
I have planted 20 tomato seeds: eight sauce tomatoes (Viva Italia), four hybrid slicing tomatoes (Razzleberry), and eight cherries (four Chocolate Cherry and four Tumbling Tom). We still have a fifth variety coming in the mail. It will be tomato heaven here this summer if these all grow, and I'm looking forward to it. Nothing beats a fresh tomato and cucumber salad in the summer.

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