19 February 2010

Assorted Sunny Afternoon Pictures

I don't like the way the "new" blogger deals with images. I can never get things to line up with the text any more. Nonetheless, here are some pictures I took this afternoon after doing some chores. It was a beautiful day, and I'm looking forward to a weekend with more such days.

It's a beautiful afternoon here on the farm. Filled up a garden bed, put dirt in flowerboxes for lettuce, and did a couple other chores. It's just a pretty day.

Those look suspiciously like peach blossoms in the making.

I have transplanted the first plants outside! This is a wee little pea plant; it has three friends nearby. The remaining eight will go out tomorrow (and we'll seed some lettuce, too).

This is an action shot of one of the chickens throwing dirt in my garden bed.

On a warm afternoon like this there's always a welcoming committee waiting at the front door.

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