04 February 2010


"February is an interesting month here, in the sense that nothing at all interesting happens. It's the last month of winter; come March, things will start to flower and leaf out, the last frost date will pass and we'll start transplanting our seedlings into the garden. But it's definitely still winter for now; more dreary days than clear ones, all the trees are just bare sticks, and for the most part all the work that needs to be done is just prep work, not the most exciting stuff.
January is the same way, I guess, but February, by virtue of coming after January, seems longer. You get to the end of the month and you're wondering, really? It's still winter? I have issues with spring (allergies), but winter, like summer, always seems to wear out its welcome by the end.
This month I have at least three more garden beds to build and prep for planting, and I really need to try to burn off the brush on top of the septic field. We'd like to get a railing installed on the back stoop, too. But that's about it.
Well, that and, there's a checkride to be taken and passed later this month. I still have plenty of studying to do for that, but these dreary days are perfect for such things."

I wrote that yesterday (and thought I had posted it; oops). Then this afternoon I was cleaning the kitchen, and looked out the window and saw half a dozen robins hopping around in the driveway. So maybe spring is closer than we think. The elderberry bush in front of the kitchen window has tiny little green buds on it now; it may be the first tree out this spring. Looks like I need to get cracking on finishing those beds...

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