06 February 2010

First fruits? Or last?

Why look, it's fresh broccoli! I just cut this out of last year's garden. We planted this in the ground last April, so it's been almost a year in coming; the bed evidently was in too much shade, and with the summer heat cabbage plants don't do so much. I thought we might get some broccoli this autumn, but no dice. There's cauliflower plants out there, too, but no actual cauliflower yet. And there is more broccoli.

It's not that this is a huge haul or anything, I mean, I didn't even use a quarter for size comparison because it would have been embarrassing. But hey, it's fresh home-grown broccoli, in the middle of winter. Pretty neat.

Strictly speaking I guess, we've been getting stuff out of the garden all winter, since we have parsley, chervil, rosemary, thyme, and (to my surprise) oregano that are all surviving the winter months just fine. The thyme has all turned deep purple and the oregano red, but they still taste like thyme and oregano.

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