12 February 2010

Seedling Update

We have moved all of the sprouts out of their little greenhouse to a nice warm spot on the dining room table. On the left you have a row of sweet peppers, a row of cilantro, and two rows of wallflowers. In the middle is a row of eggplants, a row of poblanos, and two rows of sweet peppers. And on the right are many of the tomatoes, the four varieties I planted on the 1st or 2nd of the month. In the greenhouse now (by “greenhouse” I mean a little flat plastic job with a clear lid that we can sprout seeds in, about one foot by two by four inches high) are ten more tomatoes (a fifth variety, Tomande, our slicing tomato), along with rows of swiss chard and early peas. The chard and peas could be sown directly into the ground (both are frost resistant), but I haven’t built the bed for them yet. We’ll sprout them now, and between today and tomorrow I expect I’ll get their bed built (I have three beds left to build and fill), provided it doesn’t snow as they’re now predicting (actually, they’re predicting “record” snow, but they’ve predicted snow for us four separate times this season and we have had nary a flake here at the farm). We need to put some herb seeds (basil is particularly slow to get started) in the greenhouse, and I need to clean out a couple window boxes so we can start lettuce. Park Seed has shipped our final batch of seeds to us, so we should receive those shortly. This weekend we will be sowing about 70 plants, including some of those coming in this final shipment. It may not be spring outside yet, but it’s starting to look that way in here.

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