19 March 2007

Vote Joe Redner!

In my capacity as a private citizen, I wish to endorse Joe Redner for Tampa City Council District 1. The election is on March 27th.

Here is his website.

Joe is a controversial character, but let us consider the following:
The 12-year incumbent, Gwen Miller, has never engendered controversy in her official capacity because she never takes a stand on anything or speaks up at council meetings. She does vote at council meetings, but you could count on one hand the number of initiatives she has been responsible for in her 12 years on the council without taking off your mittens.

Joe Redner is, at the very least, his own man. And he won't sit idly by on the council and say nothing and do nothing. And he's certainly no member of the "good ol' boys club." If anything he's one of their top antagonists. Joe Redner will shake up the city council, and that's what we need.

Ask yourself the following question: Is Tampa a well-run city? Is our government responsive or responsible? If you answered yes, please send me some of whatever drugs you're on, because I want to try them! But seriously, folks, if you're a little nervous about Joe simply because of the business he owns, consider whether you're making the right judgment on the man. And consider, too, what exactly are you afraid of? We've already got lousy government. Give Joe a chance; I think he's exactly what the city needs.


Linnea said...

Hey there,

I ran across your older blog while searching for pictures of Basra. With your permission, I'd like to use one of them in an upcoming PowerPoint presentation I'm giving to a group of soldiers about Iraqi geography. Please stop on by my blog and leave a comment as to whether or not it's okay to do so. (Sorry, I'm at a loss as to a better way to contact you.)

Also, I enjoyed looking at your pottery. Makes me want to do it again myself - my kickwheel has been sitting outside neglected for months now.

Smitty said...

Can't get a link to your blog. The photos are not mine to give permission to use. Clicking on any given photo will take you to the site where the photo was posted, and you can then request permission from the copyright holder there.
Best of luck.