13 March 2007


I tell you, it's nice to go off on a good rant from time to time. I've been feeling so much better today, I can't even tell you. I saw my doctor today, too, and admitted I was actually feeling better... hopefully word doesn't get back to the office.

Today I'm listening to a piano suite of music transcribed from Philip Glass' opera Orphée. I've never heard the actual opera, nor do I know much about the Orpheus legend, but this transcription is very nice. The CD also includes the 4th Knee Play from Einstein On The Beach, which sounds very strange (the title, that is) but which remains the first song I would wish to learn to play were I ever to acquire a piano. That seems a bit unlikely, but I may pick up the sheet music just because.

On the drive home today I was thinking about the fact that lately, I've had dozens of ideas for stories and I've failed to write any of them down. So of course I can't remember any of them. I need to start writing these things down so I can work on them at home. Going to the pottery studio last week turned my muse on again, thank goodness, but I've got to find a way to make her sit still for me so I can actually remember an idea long enough to write it down.

The only thing I've been able to remember is the idea I came up with (thanks to Smittygirl) for a superhero to add to the stable of superheroes in The Reporter: Hash Brown Girl. She's Hash Brown Girl, and not Hash Brown Woman, because she hasn't figured out how to use her unusual power for good (or evil, or whatever). See, at the snap of a finger she decomposes into hundreds of little cubes. As I see it, in this state she is essentially impervious--she can be fried, boiled, mixed into a hash, set on fire, thrown into a lake, mashed with spoon, or frozen in a river, and she'll be just fine. I suspect she's probably capable of resolidifying even if some of the hash browns go astray. How many can go astray I'm not quite sure. I like her character because, as interesting as her power is, I certainly can't come up with a way to make it useful (apart from the obvious asset of it making her very hard to kill), and neither can she (I realize this is cheating, but only sort of).

Perhaps I should just nibble away at that story for a while and hope the muse wants to come for a longer visit.


Lucky Bob said...

Actually I can think of a couple of uses, but I won't mention them unless you want. It reminds me of when I was helping my brother come up with some ideas for useless superpowers for a possible story series he was thinking of starting. One person would know the mass of an object to the gram, simply by looking at it. Someone else could convert any monetary bill and coin combination into any combination of bills and coins, conserving monetary value of course. We called him Exact Change.

Ayzair said...

I really like Hash Brown Girl. Even just the name, though falling to bits at a whim is nice. But that's great. It needs a t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Because it's St Patrick's Day I thought I'd remind you that another name for Hash is Potatoes O'Brien...maybe that could be her alter ego's last name?

Just a thought...Happy St Patrick's day