02 March 2007

One After Another

I have mono.

What the hell is with that, huh? I thought mono was a disease for high school students. I mean, I'm almost... well, I'm too old to be getting mono, that's for sure. This is ridiculous.

But it's true. The test came back positive and all the symptoms line up. Ugh.

I want to whine but I'll spare you. Smittygirl... she may not be so lucky (although she is so far lucky enough not to have mono--or at any rate her test was negative).

Every cloud has a silver lining, though: I'm totally using this as an excuse for cutting out of work early.

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Lucky Bob said...

Oh that sucks man. One of the guys in my class group last semester had mono. If you are as lethargic as he was last semester it must be awful. Actually I thought the guy was just a stoner or partied way too hard. Anyway he didn't hardly anything on the group project. He finally said, "Well I found out why I've been so tired." I said, "You don't have mono do you?" Sometimes it's just weird. I hope you get over it soon.