06 March 2007

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof of that building a few blocks away Is On Fire!

Actually, I just wanted to use that headline. The rest of this post is garbage.

Yes, it appears my neighborhood is burning to the ground. This weekend there was a fire at a retirement home condo just across the river. Then last night, between ten-thirty and God knows how late (Smittygirl and I slept through it, or at any rate when we did wake up we didn't identify why), two buildings a few blocks away from mi casa caught fire. The one was actually a nice historic theatre, although it had been vacant for many years.

I like the fact that this newspaper article points out that "customers' pizzas were left sitting inside the shop" at the Domino's. I guess they get their pizzas free then, right?


Anonymous said...

Don't give smitty girl mono or you will be solo!


Anonymous said...

Don't you know Mono Boy that the US lives on pizza. The treasury dept. is making that the new national currency.