18 March 2007

Smitty's Garden

I was made jealous by some photos of Lucky Bob's garden and yard, and decided I needed to post pictures of my own little slice of heaven.

My slice is decidedly littler, of course. I think it measures 6x12 feet or something. And it doesn't have its own dirt, I have to bring dirt in. Nonetheless, you gotta admit it must be enough if I can grow a flower bigger than the plant it's on.

Now, my garden actually has some nice plants in it. Trees, for example. Like, four or eight of them or something. Here are a few. The main trees here are thevetias, a sort of yellow oleander that is unrelated to the oleander but looks just like one. There's only the one bloom; three days ago before the cold snap it had several. On the left is a jambo flame tree, although it has no flowers at all, and probably won't this year. Once I post more safari pictures I'll include one of a grown-up jambo flame tree.

The garden also has some flowers. They're pretty! Or, at any rate, they will be. It's still early spring, these are wildflowers. I promise. On the left are... um... I think dianthus and ice flowers. On the right are cosmos and Texas bluebonnets and black-eyed susans. Really!

A while back I acquired whiteflies. I hate whiteflies. They're horrible dreadful little creatures and very hard to control. Desperate for a solution, I went to the store and bought oil spray and soap spray, and I decided to splurge and spend three dollars and buy ladybugs. Really! Here they are, chowing down on whiteflies on a happy poinsettia. Believe it or not, the things seem to have more or less got rid of the whitefly problem entirely. Unfortunately the key lime tree still has a nasty cottony-cushion scale problem, but perhaps with time the ladybugs will take care of that, too.

My garden has an indoor portion, as well, and, although said indoor portion consists only of silk plants and three Christmas Cacti, I actually have flowers. This cactur apparently decided it was more of a Christmas and Easter thing. Pretty, at any rate; I'd never seen a Christmas Cactus this color before.

So there. That's my garden. I'll post photos when the wildflowers bloom, and the baldcypress leaves come out.

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Lucky Bob said...

Cool garden pics man. That's hella good for someone who isn't always in the country. Am I wrong or is your Christmas cactus growing little shrimp? What you didn't see was that I used judicious cropping on my pics to remove the 99% of the yard with nothing interesting whatsoever. Oh and I found that a gas line trimmer is excellent at removing the brown dead parts of perennials left over from last year. Work smarter not harder.