27 November 2005

More Pots!

I have some new pots over at St. Pete Clay. So here are some photos.

First we have the standard pic of everything new.

First we have the long-awaited ugly face jar. Not much to say about this. The salt firing added nice pitting and made him even uglier.

Here is a big fat jug. This is the first jug I've thrown in two parts.

This item here is a nice jar I've glazed all over with amber celadon, which is a glaze I've tried for many years to produce and which, as you can see, I have not yet perfected. But the jar is still pretty nice anyway.

And finally we have the Christmas Jar. I don't know what exactly made this jar turn out the way it did, but it's beautiful, and if it doesn't sell at this weekend's Christmas Sale (8-4, Saturday and Sunday, at the studio on S 22nd St), it's coming home with me.


tyler said...

So frickin jealous. But really nice pots man. Amber Celadon, it's the new Ice Blue Celadon. By the way, I still have a lot of the recipie books from the Glaze Calculation class as well as some software. Yours if you would like copies, well, that and an old typewriter.

Smitty said...

Speaking of, when are you going to be home for Christmas? I must get a typewriter, and I have something for you.