02 November 2005

It's official

I am no longer on flying status. It's actually official as of the 12th of October, but I didn't know until I called the doc today. So now comes... yet more uncertainty! Hooray! It's like a drug, it is, uncertainty. I crave it. Xenophilia.

Fortunately I have a few interested Lieutenant Colonels in my squadron who have taken an interest in... well, at least in helping me. Helping me do what, precisely, is still something of a question.

I've come to the conclusion--one of several over the last three weeks--that, all potential catastrophes aside, I'm going to begin all discussions by offering to save the Air Force the trouble and expense of retraining me. Whether they're even remotely interested in that offer I don't know, but I've concluded that separating is the best course I can possibly take at this point. I'll have the GI Bill to go to law school, and I can set my own course, which is ultimately what I need to do (set my own course) if I'm to get past this whole depression problem. That said, if I stay in, it's my intent to apply to law school and to the JAG program. If it's not of the two... then I don't know what will happen. So let's concentrate on those "one of the two" ideas.

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