14 August 2005

Sales and Marketing

Recently I said something about Christianity needing a better marketing campaign. Islam could probably use one, too. I'd like to suggest that this photo goes a long way towards making Shiite Islam about as friendly as Santa Claus.

In fact, the poster of the late Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Muhammad-Sadiq al-Sadr looks about as much like a Muslim Santa Claus as I think would be possible (I'm sure the Grand Ayatollah is spinning in his grave). His right-hand man (and possible successor) Sheik Abdul Hadi al-Daraji, who is speaking, looks like he could sell auto insurance to children. This is marketing, people! This is great!

1 comment:

Smitty said...

Oh c'mon people. I can't believe nobody has commented on this. The Muslim Santa Claus? The Happy Sheik? This is an absolutely awesome picture, people. Give it some props.