24 August 2005

Redistricting Update

The backers of the Florida ballot measure to make legislative districts logical and not blatantly favoring one party or politician, as discussed yesterday, has decided to press ahead with the measure. Afraid there isn’t time to gather the requisite 611,000 signatures on a new measure, they’ve decided to let the state Supreme Court decide on whether measure length is a good enough reason to disqualify.

I’ll tell you right now I think that’s a mistake. They’d be better off to craft a new ballot measure and start gathering signatures simultaneously with the older measure. You can just see the self-satisfied little smirk on Jeb Bush’s face in that article: "There is this thing in Microsoft Word that's called ‘word count.’ " Yeah, he’s real broken up about the state division of elections’ failure to do their job, isn’t he? You can bet he’ll be pushing the state Supreme Court to “follow the letter of establish law” and deny the measure a spot on the ballot, like every other elected official in the state.

If you’d like to sign the petitions to fix our redistricting system—and, um, provided you’re a Florida voter—here’s a link to do so.

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Lucky Bob said...

What's sad is that I have no idea how they do that in SC.