29 August 2005

God must really dislike these people

Now this is just sad. It seems a crazy man and his family have formed a church out in sunny Kansas, and, Kansas being flat and dull, they’ve decided to travel to Tennessee to harass mourners at the funerals of two Tennessee soldiers killed in Iraq. America, it seems, tolerates homosexuality. And because of this, God is taking vengeance on our soldiers in Iraq. Never mind that this seems a little arbitrary and capricious for God, that’s what’s really happening over there, so says this fellow Fred Phelps.

Needless to say this goes right back to my “Christianity needs better salesmen” theory from earlier. With the likes of Phelps and his followers (apparently his “parishioners” are mostly his family) traveling around giving Christians a bad name, it’s a wonder there are any of us left. Go home, Fred, and stay there.

The worst thing about it is these bastards actually applied for and received protest permits. I’d like to know exactly who in Smyrna and Ashland City authorized ANYONE at all to hold a protest at a funeral. I can’t possibly think of a valid reason to do that, free speech be damned. There are times when you hold your tongue, and as the authorizing official if you can’t trust these bastards to hold their tongues you do it for them by not letting the permit.

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