15 August 2005


Ah, forget it. Can't resist. After reading about everybody else’s spots, I had to go to Find Your Spot.com and find my spot. I’m not entirely sure I buy into this. My list has too few cities on the coast, and it includes Tulsa which is miles from any coast at all. I’ve noticed that everybody’s list includes Tulsa. I’m wondering if maybe the Tulsa chamber of commerce sponsors Find Your Spot.com to increase their visibility. Hmm…

1. Chattanooga – Okay, maybe.
2. Hickory – I think this is too small, but I might be wrong.
3. Clarksville, Tenn – Something about last trains… I’m not too sure. It’s not even in the mountains.
4. Tulsa – Yeah, sure. Nice try, Tulsa Chamber. Though southwestern Oklahoma is very nice.
5. Greenville – Ah, Greenville. Nice to know it ranks high. I don’t want to be the only democrat in whatever town I’m living in, though.
6. Gulfport-Biloxi – Finally, a place on the coast. Too many casinos, not enough real work being done. Maybe I could handle Pass Christian or Bay St. Louis. I just think Mississippi is too casino-happy for my tastes.
7. Johnson City-Bristol-Kingsport – My folks are smitten with this area, maybe it’s cool.
8. Tallahassee – Probably one of the few cities in FL I could tolerate. I could live down in St. Marks.
9. Olympia – Tyler once told me this was a nice place. I should check it out.
10. Knoxville – Might go to law school here.
11. Hampton, Va – probably my top choice of these cities, but there’s a lot of sprawl.
12. Bellingham – eh.
13. Tacoma – eh.
14. Jacksonville – done it. Probably don’t need to do it again. But it would be near the top of Florida places.
15. Norfolk – See above comments viz Hampton.
16. Gainesville – Not a bloody chance in hell.
17. Jackson – Are you kidding?
18. Asheville – Now we’re talking. Asheville I could handle.
19. Lynchburg – Again, another place I could definitely see myself living, especially on the north bank of the James at the top of the hill there.
20. Athens – I don’t know, I’ve never really been impressed by Athens.
21. Hattiesburg – I don’t think I could take a place named “Hattiesburg” seriously.
22. Tuscaloosa – I’d rather do Athens.
23. Palm Springs – Okay guys, put down the crack pipe. Good.
24. Kent, Wash – I’m sorry, this place just SOUNDS like a giant suburb. Forget it.

So that’s the list.
I was thinking of a list about like this:
1. Tampa
2. Valdosta
3. Asheville
4. Clemson
5. Knoxville
6. Richmond
7. Hampton Roads (Norfolk/Hampton inclusive)
8. Maryland’s Eastern Shore/Sussex County, Delaware
9. Brunswick, Ga
10. Corpus Christi
11. Austin
12. Georgetown, S.C.
13. Shenandoah Valley
14. Birmingham
15. Lynchburg
16. Cumberland, Md.
17. Summers in someplace like Alpena or Cheboygan in northern Michigan, winters in maybe Mobile, or Tampa.

I note Find Your Spot doesn’t list Georgetown, or Valdosta, or Cumberland. Georgetown I can understand, but Valdosta’s an up and coming new metro city, and the place has Roswell Georgia, which is just a glorified suburb of Atlanta. And Cumberland is a cool place up there in the mountains. Ah, well.


AMS said...

That's an interesting quiz. I scored 3 cities in Utah (!?) but Tulsa did not make my list.

Rachel* said...

My top five were TPA, MIA, LA, West Palm Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale.

That's cool, I guess, since I already live in TPA.

Rachel* said...

And, hey, where's my link love? Am I not a 'good blog'?

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