24 August 2005

No Higher Calling than Public Service

Today brought an interesting article in the Fort Myers News-Press about a the state insurance scam, er, I mean, task force, set up by the state legislature during this year’s session.

It’s called the Task Force on Long-Term Solutions for Florida’s Hurricane Insurance Market, but in reality the commission is constituted more like the Task Force on Long-Term Solutions for Florida’s Hurricane Insurers’ Weak Bottom Lines.

The 12-member task force includes five representatives of insurance companies, a politician who is also an insurance agent, the president of the Florida Homebuilders Association (which wants weaker construction standards), and, in the place reserved for “insurance consumers,” we find the head of a board created by a group of Florida insurance companies.

Given the makeup, what is the chance the board will give any consideration whatsoever to the problem of high insurance premiums? I’m guessing it’s about zero. Yep, this is your politicians, serving you the voters of Florida, and ensuring your voice is heard. Hey, guess how much money the insurance industry gave to politicians in 2004?

1 comment:

Lucky Bob said...

That sounds promising, for the insurance stock holders.
I always wonder about hurricane, flood, earthquake, etc. insurance. I personally try not to live in flood plains or in hurricane prone areas. I also wonder if federal money for preventable damage should come with the stipulation that you move to a safer area, or that you are never eligible for that money again. Yes disasters happen, but if the place floods every 5 years or something you need to move.