20 November 2007

Pounds and euros

I have a key on my keyboard here dedicated for the Euro symbol, €. Handy thing to have I suppose; there's also a dedicated $ key so I don't have to press shift-4. Not that I need it; I type a $ symbol once a month maybe, and a € less frequently than that. But now I find myself writing a story set in Telford, UK (at least partially), and it would be particularly useful to be able to type the pound character, unicode 00A3: £

Right now I am forced to press Fn-NumLk, then Alt-0163 just to get that character. Oy vey! Is there a way that I could rejigger my already-jiggered keyboard so that the dedicated $ key was a dedicated £ key instead? That would be most useful. Please help if you know how!


scanime said...

Hmmm... you could turn your keyboard into an English one. Then the £ is mapped to shift-3 (instead of #). A few other things get changed around too... the biggest one is the " and @ are swapped. (I remember this from playing with an old text adventure creation toolkit made in the UK that just assumed I had a British keyboard.)

To make this change, go to the Control Panel and select Regional and Language Options (assuming Classic View). Go to the tab Languages and click the Details button. Click the Add button, and select English (United Kingdom) with the United Kingdom keyboard. Click OK. Click OK twice more to save the changes.

Now, after Windows thinks about it for a while, you should see a little box labeled "EN" sitting in your task bar in the bottom right. You can click on this to switch between the US and UK keyboards now.

Of course, the other option is just to highlight the £ symbol, and do a copy-paste whenever you need it.

Smitty said...

Ah, but a UK keyboard probably isn't a Dvorak keyboard. I'll have to check whether they have a UK-Dvorak. Hmm...