13 November 2007

It never ends!

It never ends that way, too...

We have most of Smittygirl's effects moved into the house now, with just a few small items to go. It's been a busy couple of weekends, and we have a couple more busy ones coming up. But it's looking so nice in here right now! We cleaned off my dining room table to swap it out for hers (hers is bigger), and right now the dining room just looks so nice without all the usual crap piled up on the table. I've moved the small round table that had been in the kitchen, then moved to in front of the dining table. Now it's beside my favorite chair. It's a little weird there, I'm still getting used to it, but on the bright side the silk bamboo is much closer to my favorite chair and I'm enjoying that. We moved the TV stand, which opened up the room a lot. Now we just need a couple of DVD/CD racks and we'll be all set in the living room (mostly). The bedroom still has some work to be done, which I'm not doing right now even though I should be. Hmm. I guess I should be doing that.

I'll post pictures maybe. Those of you who've been here will appreciate the changes.

Listening to now: The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)
I love this song. I also love Christmas music. I put my "Before Thanksgiving" Christmas CD in the player yesterday, George Winston's December. It's nice, relaxing piano music, with only one explicitly Christmas song on it (The Holly and the Ivy, which is very nice). Smittygirl and I both like it, and I don't mind playing it before Turkey Day since it's not really a Christmas CD. Come the 23rd, though... I'm just kidding. But I will be putting up Christmas lights on the 23rd--I found green ones at Wal-Mart! $2 for a hundred of 'em! Yaaay!

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