30 November 2007

Crazy Pictures

I've been playing with my camera a bit lately, as I mentioned earlier. No lighted Christmas tree pictures, but I might have to fool with that, too. Anyway, here is a picture of Tampa taken from the balcony.

I've been playing with the tripod and it worked pretty well considering that it's darn close to falling apart. Next nice night we have I'm going to try some nice nighttime skyline pictures.
Anyway, using the tripod I took about 10 pictures at various apertures and shutter speeds. I should have used a single aperture and varied the shutter speeds for this to work best, but it was my first attempt. I combined all the pictures using a program called Qtpfsgui (no, that's really the name) and used a basic tone formatting filter to come up with this.

I frankly don't think that's any better than the first image, and probably is worse, really. Not that interesting; I definitely need to play a bit more, and maybe try some close-up things, too. You can see where the mimosa leaves in the lower left were being blown about by the wind.

I wanted to get something really cool, though, which meant using a funky fresh filter I don't understand. This one is called Fattal. I think that's the name of one of the developers. After about 27 tries I came up with this here. This I think is pretty cool, although of course it doesn't look a thing like a real picture. Still, it is nifty.

I don't know what is up with blogger but for some reason on this post it seems to be forcing you to download the full size pictures instead of just linking to them in the same window like it's supposed to. In any event, rest assured there's nothing hiding in these pictures to infect your computer. And the third one really is cool.

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Rick I said...

I like the differences in the images. I think that the fattal looks pretty cool. At first sight it appears as a painting vs. a picture which i think is fairly "nifty".