19 August 2007


The Smitty household has grown!

Look, I have pictures! I can be just like people with kids now! Except mine will never say his first word. But I might claim that he did. He's already eight years old, after all, plenty of time to learn to speak.

His name is Action Jackson! Or Carl Weathers if you prefer. I don't prefer. You could call him AJ if you wanted. Or Smittypup, that works too. He came from the Humane Society shelter this very afternoon. Apparently my face lit up when they said they had a Jack Russell. Smittygirl says it was very cute. She also says she knew we'd be coming home with a dog before we even got to the place to meet Action Jackson. What can you say, she knows me. Or her. Or... anyway. So say hello to Action Jackson!


Lucky Bob said...

My brother has a Jack Russel by the name of Roxie. If Action Jackson! is anything like her, I think she will fit your personality well.

Rick I said...

So playing with Spencer got you hooked on having a dog eh? It's good for ya.

Any word on VH?

Ayzair said...

Congratulations on the furry addition. Love the name!