09 August 2007

Another Trip

Okay, time for another vacation. It's always time for a vacation, isn't it? Anyway, Smittygirl and I will be visiting Texas for a few days. And when we get back, I go to orientation for law school. And then the day after that (next Thursday if you're curious) I'll find out whether in fact I get to attend law school or not (which is to say, whether my separation package got the final signature or not). Interesting, no? You don't want to know how much my books cost me today. At least I can return the for full price if I end up stuck in my job and unable to start school.

If you're interested in praying or crossing your fingers or anything like that for me, rather than waste the effort asking for my paperwork to get signed, let's start praying that I get a severance package. Regardless of the actual date of separation, that's going to be a lot more important in the near- and medium-term.

See you next week! I'll have a review of Absurdistan (I liked it, more or less) and probably Harry Potter by then, and possibly pictures of Texas.

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Ayzair said...

Well, congrats on at least theoretically having a next step forward! Will be waiting anxiously to hear how it goes ...