19 August 2007

Name Suggestions Needed

I'm looking for a 4-syllable surname that sounds English. Or, if not English, at least not blatantly ethno-specific: no Takahashis, no DiSalvatores, no Hackensteiners. The only thing I've come up with is Neverwinter, which I like, but is not a surname anywhere I can find. All suggestions welcome and appreciated.


Anne said...

Well, it's only 3 syllables, but I have a friend by the surname of Turnpenny, which I like a lot.
There's always things like Haltwhistle, Ravensworth, Ashington...all place names, really, but I'm sure there are people by those names. Cunningham---or really, any 'ham' name would work. Mmm, ham. Sorry, got distracted.

Good luck!

Lucky Bob said...

Four syllables in English is hard. Hmmm. All I can think of right now is Abercrombie, Alexander, and Montgomery. My Grandmother's mother's maiden name was Pendergast, but that's only three. I'll keep thinking.

Anne said...

Oh, yeah, Merriweather is a very English surname with 4 syllables.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest

or Bugenhaven?