26 June 2007

Smiling in Terror

Well. Today I got word that, probably this time next month I'll finally be leaving my current job.

Deep breath.

I'm excited. I've been waiting for this for... two years. I hate the place I work. I didn't when this all started, but boy I sure do now.

Deep breath.

I'm scared out of my mind, too.


Breathe. Yes.


Lucky Bob said...

Oo. Oo! Fingers crossed and congratulations.

Ayzair said...

Ooh, great excitement!! I won't go overboard and jinx it, but I'll definitely be praying for you (as always)!

Rambling Speech said...

Join me on the unemployment line. :-)

Didn't you just arrange to marry a sugarmama? Tell smittyfiance you're moving in early as her live-in gardner. You'll get those plants growing almost as well as lucky bob's!

Good luck- I'll be thinking of you.