20 June 2007

I've Been So Productive!

No, really! I mean, there's lots of time when... well, when... um... you get the idea, right? I assume you get the idea.

Anyway, here's some of the fruits of my labor. I've always wanted one of these, and this here's right handy. Not that you'd do anything with it, but it's amusing to look at and ponder.

This is a map of population density for the entire country, by county. The darker the blue, the denser the population. It makes for interesting viewing, and there'll be more maps in coming days to compare against this one.

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Lucky Bob said...

You are such a nerd. And it is right interesting to look at. Alaska has some huge counties. What I find interesting is you can almost see some of the paths the Interstates take just by looking at the intensity; take I85 between Atlanta and Charlotte, I70 from Atlanta to Knoxville, or I35 from San Antonio to Dallas. Ah, the Megalopolis grows well in the fertile soil along the interstate highway.