25 June 2007

Farmers Ho!

Look, another fascinating map from Smitty!
This map grew out of a desire to give the rural counties in the Dakotas and eastern Montana and Nebraska a chance to be dark blue for once. Out of the total number of people in each county, how many of them reported living on a working farm in 2000? Not many, in most counties. Even in the most farm-intensive counties the number never got above 50%. Still, I think this is an interesting map. You'll note that the darkest counties here are generally among the lighter ones elsewhere. When I post the population growth map next time, you'll see that the darkest counties here are the darkest on that map too--darkest in the negative direction. Something to think about.

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1 comment:

Ayzair said...

A while back, my brother-in-law dug up a bunch of maps about languages around the U.S. Really interesting. Though, despite his being the most obsessive compulsive person I've ever met, even HE didn't make the maps himself ...

By the way, this is all freakishly reminiscent of Virginia maps a long time ago, even the color choices.