01 May 2007

Birthday Surprise Part Deux

How could I forget to post this?! This is the cake Smittygirl made me for my birthday a while back. It's a carrot cake. Lots of carrots in there. It was really yummy! And it's a... well, I mean, you can see it's a chicken. It's a chicken!


Lucky Bob said...

IT'S A CHICKEN CAKE!! Those who missed watching "Rowan & Martin's LaughIn" probably don't get that. Thanks Nick at Nite. That looks awesome, and I too love a good carrot cake. Especially with good home made cream cheese frosting. MMMmmm. And it was even made with eggs. Nyuck Nyuck. That was awful. I'll stop before I hurt myself, or someone else does it for me.

Ayzair said...

You've got a good woman :)