01 May 2007

I just got up and left

The CEO of the company I work for came to town today. In preparation for his visit the place was cleaned up a little, which was nice. The boss should see that his facilities are being well maintained, which they are.

But I didn't know the phrase "cleaned up" went this far:
At 10:00 the networks went dead. No email, no internet, nothing. I could look at my own shared network drive, which I share with the other people in my building. But since my job requires me to use networks that exist in other places, in whole other states in many cases, I was stuck. There was nothing to do. The networks were down.
This, I was told later, was deliberate. I don't know why they did that, but apparently it was going to stay that way for a while.

Then I found out that they were going to lock everything down and keep everyone in one place for the rest of the afternoon. I guess that would cut down on traffic, which is a... well, I don't know. But nobody would be able to leave the workplace. And nobody could do any work at the workplace.

I'm pretty sure this sort of thing was not in my job description.


Lucky Bob said...

Maybe they didn't want you to have pr0n on your computer screen while the CEO was walking around. Personally I think some dirty gangster rap would have been called for. You know. Something with lots of swearing about hoes and drugs. Yeah that's the ticket. Remember, you gotta get noticed if you want to get ahead. Now where did my Dr. Pepper get to?

Anonymous said...

I wish it was that conspiratorial...A line was cut north of Florida and much of the southeast area of the "company" were with out the same service. It also happened late last year without the CEO visiting. The irony of the whole thing was no work could be done so everyone went to lunch...and no one could get off company grounds so everyone crowded the "local" establishments...many hungry people in long lines to eat...with all those people with nothing but time to speculate, I'm suprised I didn't hear that it had something to do with the JFK assasination!

Good job today by the way...you have an articulate calm voice...I think you are going to run for office sooner rather than later!


Smitty said...

It really was more entertaining believing it was all part of the same thing, but then again, it makes much more sense just being a buried cable issue. I stand by my decision to leave, though; no sense being trapped like a rat in a cage when they won't even let you have the wheel to run in...

Anonymous said...