11 May 2007

Yes, it smells like a barbeque

The strangest thing about all this is knowing that the closest big fires are at least two counties away. It was like this all day.

Normally, in this direction, you can see all the way to the airport and beyond. Today... well, you can see that cell phone tower still. It's eerie, going out to your car to drive home from work and finding it blanketed in ash.


gledwood said...

What bizarre photos ... palm trees and smoke don't seem to go naturally together ... I hope it clears up for you soon... Hi! Found you at random "next" pressing ... howzit going??!? ... You must come to my blogs. 1 is my "secret diary online" as I call it, 2nd my video music blog 3rd my comedy clips. Do drop by.... tell what you think! .. All the best 2u... from Gledwood

Ayzair said...

Interestingly, about a day after you posted this, I spent much of my day wondering, "Why is it so hazy? It's not hot today. It's not humid. What is that smell?" Several hours later, after repeatedly thinking, "Huh, that funny, faintly chemical-fire smell is in the part of town, too ..." I finally heard on the radio that the smoke from the south Georgia fire was all the way up here. Heck, all the way to Raleigh-Durham.