27 April 2007

Seven Trumpets

Remember a while back when I posted a picture of my trumpet plant with a giant white trumpet on it bigger than the plant itself? Cool, right?

Seven. Count them (click on the picture for the bigger version), seven trumpets. Look at how tiny this plant is! And it has seven flowers on it bigger than it is! Notice how the three older flowers have taken on a peachy hue, while the younger ones are all nice and white. I've been watching this plant all week--I took pictures on Tuesday of five trumpets, and yesterday of six. But this morning they were all open finally--although there are at least two more waiting to open, but they'll be several days yet. The best part of this is the light jasminey fragrance, which is especially strong in the evening, when you can sit on the porch and just let the aroma caress your nose. It's great.


Lucky Bob said...

That is awesome. Have you named the plant? If not, I vote for the name "Dexter." He's the only person I know whose ability to reproduce far exceeds the ability of the rest of his body to keep up. That and it's really white. He'd get a big kick out of that.

Ayzair said...

HA!!! That was great, Bob!