19 April 2007


Ah, asparagus. It's coming into season now and I always enjoy it. But how best to cook it? Of course you can boil it or steam it, but I prefer it (and most vegetables) sautéed. But how to do that?

I've ruined a good bit of asparagus in my time trying to sauté it properly. Usually I just sauté my vegetables in butter with a drop or two of lemon juice or perhaps a teaspoon of wine. Last night Smittygirl suggested another way to do it. She can't remember where she read it, but the asparagus was so good I have to share so other people can try it.

I made enough asparagus for two people, about 12 spears. I use a nonstick pan but I doubt that matters. I put the pan over medium heat and added about a tablespoon and a half of butter (eyeball measurement). Once the butter was getting melty I added two tablespoons of water (which I actually measured). Once that was warm, I added the asparagus. I cut each spear in half. Once things were sizzling I added about a quarter teaspoon of extra butter for good measure, and a few drops of lemon juice, as well as some salt and pepper. Then I put the lid on the pot. I left the lid on for a little less than ten minutes, taking it off from time to time to stir.

Mmm-mm! It was gu-uud, let me tell you; perfectly done, not too crunchy but not too soft, and very tasty. I highly recommend it.


David said...

sounds tasty, it's definitely asparagus season!

Lucky Bob said...

I think you posted that while I was tilling the garden and making pictures. I was going to post earlier, but blogger was having a problem of some kind. I'll have to keep that recipe in mind for later.

scanime said...

We are definitely fans of asparagus. I usually steam asparagus, but there's also a recipe for cream of asparagus soup at allrecipes.com we like, too. There was also an asparagus & tomato stir fry from the ubiquitious Betty Crocker cookbook that was really good. But I'll definitely have to try to sauté our asparagus next time. The only problem is, Tiffany doesn't like butter usually. I could try olive oil, but that would change the heat.