18 April 2007

People are Strange

It's been a bit of a rough go this week, hasn't it? I thought I'd start off with something light.

Back in 1970, The Doors played a concert in Miami. During said concert, Jim Morrison is said to have been drunk. He certainly took his shirt off and waved it around, and cursed about a great many things--though not directly at the audience. Morrison was arrested and charged with obscenity and indecent exposure; the cops said he wiggled his jimmy at the audience, though there's no evidence whatsoever to verify that.

Morrison was a Florida native, and many fans believe the arrest and conviction was unwarranted (or completely bogus, or done purely out of dislike). And evidently, they have a receptive audience in our new governor, Charlie Crist. It seems Charlie is mulling the idea of pardoning Jim Morrison for taking his shirt off in public and saying things you can hear any night of the week on cable. The article is actually kind of interesting. Charlie seems to be sort of an intense guy. I like him.


Ben W. said...

Having Charley pose as a Republican to run for governor was the most creative way to get a Democrat in office :)

Rick said...

It is about time someone with a brain and no family ties to W is at the controls. Crap I just moved to Texas. Damnit I'm screwed.