25 April 2007


A bit of it, anyway.

Yesterday afternoon I cleaned the guest bath entirely and mopped the floor in the main bath, and also cleaned out half the kitchen: I moved everything out of the kitchen into the dining room, took down the bifold doors enclosing my tiny excuse for a pantry, folded up and packed away six full paper grocery sacks full of... well, paper grocery sacks (six!), removed and cleaned/packed up cat related items for distribution to cat owners, swept and mopped the entirety of the kitchen floor (first time in three years I've done the whole floor area!), dusted and cleaned off the table, moved stuff back into the kitchen in an organized manner, set up half the bifold doors as a screen for the pantry, dumped two bags of recycling and two of trash, and took the second set of bifold doors out to the dumpster where I broke them into pieces so the city would take them away. I managed to do all this between three and six-thirty, and that included a forty-minute chat with the next door neighbor (we don't talk often enough).

Later, as I was setting up the other set of doors as the screen, I thought I really shouldn't have got rid of the first set of bifolds, as they were a quality item and I could have given them away to somebody on craigslist. Oh well. I still have one set to give away. Good quality item, well constructed, painted white. About seven feet tall, 18" doors. Needs a good solid dusting and not the half-assed job I did yesterday but they'd make a fine screen if anybody needs them.

I then proceeded not to sleep a wink all night. I don't know what is wrong, but something clearly is. I was up until two, exhausted but not tired, lying in bed, and then I got up and came out to the living room and played with Google Earth for a while. Smittygirl got up somewhat later, and we talked for a while about why we can't both seem to get a decent night's sleep at the same time. She managed to get back to bed. I didn't even try. But I did manage to do a backlog of dishes and pack a lunch for Smittygirl to take to work.

Now, in an hour and change this morning I've entirely cleaned out the sink area of the bathroom. I threw away an entire garbage bag full of expired medications, dirty rags, useless hair products, and ancient toiletries of all kinds. There were exactly 360 Christmas lights under the sink, along with dozens of packets of replacement bulbs and fuses. Why? I also found some seriously ugly old pottery down there I really don't know what to do with. I'll probably post it on Etsy.com for fifty cents a pop and see what sells.

That means the only thing between me and the hideous abomination that is the back wall of my bedroom is... this blog. So I should sign off now. I have photos of trumpet plants to show you, so maybe I'll get another break around lunchtime. Despite the lack of sleep, things seem to be going well.


Lucky Bob said...

You wanna do mine next. I feel bad cause I haven't done dishes since Sunday evening and my kitchen floor needs mopping desperately. I've spent the last 2 evenings working in the garden. I tilled it 90 degrees to the first time, made the rows, and yesterday I planted my tomatoes. I finished after 8:30. Yeah I was watering by the light of the moon. I'm going to finish planting my plants today, and maybe start some seed. I need to get a few more plants though. Hmmm.

ty said...

Sorry man, but the only fitting end for seriously ugly works of ceramic art is at the hands of it's creator. Be it either smashed at the top of stairs to rain down on the victims below, or set up to be shot in public view.

If you can find room for it, I will certainly break out a certain rifle next time you and Smittygirl are in the area.

Good times man, almost like beating the hell out of some metal rings.

Ayzair said...

You should save the bad ceramics for your next SC trip and introduce Smittygirl to the beloved pastime of heaving things off of stadiums.

Smitty said...

Ooh! So many good disposal ideas! I totally had not considered shooting or smashing as options, but that sounds like fun.

I could use a set of hot metal rings to wale on from time to time... I wonder what became of those. Lucky Bob, they weren't in the attic when you moved, were they?

Lucky Bob said...

No I don't remember any of those rings. Hmm. But I do have choppin' trees.