29 August 2006

What Time Is It, Exactly?

We get The Tonight Show here. It actually comes on at night: The Tonight Show starts at 23:30, and it's followed at 00:30 by The Late Show with David Letterman. If I time things right with snacks in the chow hall, sometimes I can watch both monologues.

Armed Forces Network achieves the remarkable feat of having The Tonight Show on at, well, night, not by playing last night's show today, but in fact by replaying the show from the night before that—making it in fact the "Twonight Show."

And I'll just go ahead and apologize for that joke right now.

Anyway, tonight—which is to say Sunday night, I think—Jay did Headlines. One of the headlines was a small blurb from some newspaper's "police blotter" gutter. This is the sort of thing that in no way qualifies as news, but someone at the city desk heard this exchange over the police scanner and put it in the blotter to see if anybody got a chuckle. Think about this, now; it leaves so many open questions. I'll have to paraphrase but you'll get the idea:
Police received a call from the 19500 block of Some St. The caller complained that her neighbors were making a lot of noise, and requested that they stop as it was 3 am. Police informed her that it was in fact 3 pm.

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